No way Jose!

Well I just about survived another trip back to the UK over Xmas. I was really torn how I felt about going back, half of me wanted to stay in such an amazing chilled out place but I also missed all my friends and looked forward to a good catch up.

Although hectic, I enjoyed it and just about got to see everyone despite the painful use of public transport. I did borrow my Mum’s car for a while but she wouldn’t allow me to leave the outskirts of Blackpool. FML!!!!

I got to play a poker tournament at DTD which felt slightly weird to be back, I’m already getting used to Spanish life.

I wasn’t back in Spain long when my friend Alex (Otter) flew over for a few days to visit. We had a good time eating good food and catching up, we also had a Karaoke night which included the spice girls…that I shall say no more about.

Charlie came back and got caught up with all the Spanish drama and new people I had met since she had been away working.

Jade, Jack, Joe, Me, Adam, Ben, Lelia

She is only back for 2 weeks then she goes away for a month on poker dealing jobs *sad face*She has well turned into my wife, we are quite compatible housemates.

When she returns she may be bringing some of her American dealer friends back to stay… no complaints here!!! Mmmm Americans….

One of the things that attracted me to move to another Country was one of my slight infatuations with understanding people and their behaviour. There is such a wide range of different nationalities living round this area and I find it fascinating listening to their life stories and upbringing and mapping those things to aspects of their personality or beliefs.

Everyone round here seems to be lost souls, either they have nothing and they are trying to find something better or they are running away to escape something, however each one has an interesting story to tell. I definitely feel a purpose to help people find their way back on track, without being my usual too over generous, get fucked in the ass, mug self.

I’m also intrigued on the outcome of my other Psychology/Sociology experiment to see how different boys are compared to the typical English wankers.

I can literally categorise any guy into one of 4 categories (come on male readers, bet you can place yourself in at least one category):

  • The arrogant assholes that generally think it is OK to talk to you like shit, cocky attitudes and generally are complete players and dirty rotten cheaters
  • The momma’s boys that have always been spoon fed. Couch potatoes that expect everything done for them. No ambition, no motivation.
  • The highly intelligent, extremely witty, but socially awkward types that generally come with a bundle of insecurities and history of scars and depression.
  • The perverted, sit and home touch yourself over pictures of girls on Facebook, goddamn weirdo stalkers!!!

If you don’t fit in that list then in my experience you are most probably gay… deal with it.

So I’m interested to see if International boys can widen my categories.

The only things I have learned so far are:

  • Spanish accent is hot!!!!
  • Usually misspelling and bad grammar is a bit of a turn off, but none English boys trying to write English is kind of cute.
  • They have bigger cojones than English boys.

People here seem way more accepting of other cultures than back home. Being able to speak 3 or 4 languages as standard is something I find fascinating. I fully admit I am typical English, used to be reluctant to try the local cuisine, couldn’t speak a word of another language etc. So it’s all a very eye opening experience.

I’m learning to cook more local dishes; the food here is amazing and so cheap


Goats Cheese and ham parcels

I’m trying to keep up with learning Spanish; I have switched a few websites over to Spanish as the internet is the main source I use on a daily basis. So I’m constantly looking up words and learning new things. I don’t really watch TV so I always make sure I have the Spanish radio on in my car which helps with the fast flowing rhythm of the language. I reckon I can pick up about 2-3 words out of a sentence now, although it’s very different trying to speak it.

My plan for the coming months is to relax and continue to settle into Spanish life. I’m going to try and satellite into some live poker events (none UK) and try and save some money to go to Vegas this year. Hopefully if I’m in profit with bankroll Supply I can play some poker in Vegas.

All in all so far….life is good. I can’t wait for the summer here :)


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